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Dial M for Murder 3D

Wondering who would ever come to watch a Hitchcock classic re-released after 1954, I mean considering movies like Looper and Argo premiering on the same day. We (Myself & Karthik) walked confidently towards the screening; surprisingly we were ushered away saying that the theater was house-full for Dial M for Murder. I didn’t understand the logic, apparently there were more people wanting to watch the Hitchcock Classic among the glitz and glamour of the other films. We just felt unlucky; however we laughed off and walked away.

One month later, finally got to catch up with the movie. I really wanted to experience the movie in 3d not because I’m a fan of 3d ( In fact I hate 3d) , I just wanted to experience a Hitchcock film in 3d. Well I finally got a chance (believe me, it was not easy to get tickets even now)

We all know Dial M for Murder a classic, a film which is so memorable. Dial M for murder is arguably one of Hitchcock’s best films. It Holds You Spellbound with Suspense!  Did Hitchcock make it in 3d? Yes. Reluctantly Hitchcock made Dial M for Murder in 3d. Hitchcock disliked the idea of 3d but the studio convinced him to make it in 3d, and understandably 3d did not catch up well with theaters .Ended with people watching it in 2d.

How did Hitchcock handle 3d?

First of all unlike most contemporary directors, Hitchcock did not get carried away by the technology. He did not create a scene because it would look good in 3d. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that he made the best use of 3d. A 3d movie was and is considered by many as visual spectacles, What Hitchcock tried to do is fascinating! Hitchcock succeeded in using 3d to add more depth in to the scene. Each and every frame of the movie had depth, that is, in a scene you could literally measure the placement of objects in the foreground, subject and the background. After watching it in 3d I could geometrically say where Grace Kelly picked up the phone in the room, the exact location (3d).  The depth 3d brings to a plot like Dial M for Murder is immense. I don’t think anyone would dare to make a drama in 3d; well unfortunately it works well that way (At least for me). Yes, it was pain-full for me to sit through Avatar, Tin-Tin .etc. Not that I didn’t like them If I’m being honest these movies were too much of a strain to my eye, I often left the theater with a headache (I’m not making that up). To my disbelief, I relished every moment of Dial M for Murder in and I almost forgot I was wearing a 3d glass. In my opinion Hitchcock reluctantly made the best use of 3d for storytelling. It has never been done before by any film maker. It’s a subtle use of a not-so-subtle technology from the master of suspense.

So, there are no “eye-popping” sequences?

Well there are. One of the crucial scenes in the movie. Some of the scenes have some eye popping sequences, which clearly show us that Hitchcock was clear about what he wanted. The words that I came up to my mind after watching the movie were, Classic, Perfect, flawless, absolute, subtle. That pretty much sums it all.

Dial M for Murder 3d – Stitched to Perfection!

Experience a must!


Dial M for Murder

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Country: USA
Year: 1954
Language: English
Runtime: 105 minutes
Rating: PG
 Cast: Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings

Billa 2 -A Plain and straight movie review


Billa 2 is one of the most awaited films of the year, a prequel following a successful remake of Rajinikanth’s Billa.

Billa 2 is the story of the rise of David Billa an underworld don. Well that is probably obvious from the promo so what does Billa have to offer? Billa 2 is an example of an interesting plot unfolding plain straight before you. The movie never moves you to the edge of the seat nor does it put you to sleep. It starts and end in the most predictable way possible.

On the other side the movie has well choreographed action sequences, commendable cinematography and background score. What I liked about the movie was it took its own time to unfold the story of The rise of Billa. From the petty crimes to the weapon deals, what makes him the most wanted by the Interpol. The dialogues in the movie are well written. The performance of most of the cast are below par and topping that is Parvathy omanakuttan. Her character was poorly sketched and awfully performed.

The songs are unwanted, you will get sick of baddies consuming alcohol to talk deals in clubs with women dancing around. The songs are a let down. Billa 2 is a kind of movie which you will not hate neither will you like it.

Billa 2 – A bland prequel to one of the coolest franchise in Tamil cinema.

(This review is intentionally as engaging as the movie)

Vaanam – Sky is the Limit

If good movies are movies which elevate the audience, then Vaanam is a gem. It inspires, elevates and still entertains (an unusual combination)

Cloud nine movies’ Vaanam is fresh and engaging and what makes Vaanam stand out is the screenplay. One other major plus of Vaanam is it has a right balance between experimentation and commercial viability.


There have always been good movies which had a good message and were acclaimed critically but bombed at the box office. (Anbe Sivam is the best example). Vaanam has broken the boundaries. Babel, 21 grams may have been an inspiration for Vaanam but it is neatly packaged for the Indian audience, it holds good with a crisp story line, and engaging characters. 

As you watch this film you are absorbed and involved, sometimes deeply moved. You keep wondering, where the story leads but it all escalates to a touching tale of forgiveness and understanding. You get goose bumps in some of the later scenes in the movie.

Krish has proved that he is capable of delivering such meaningful and engaging movies, which can be catered to the length and breath of audiences.

Yes, some audiences were frustrated about the narrative, but this is just the beginning and they will get used to it. And the good news is Vaanam will make way for more such movies in the future. Kudos to the team of Vaanam for a meaningful movie. I think movies like Vaanam are healthy for the industry, as they entertain and still do not compromise on the script.

Aaranya Kandam – An eulogy


Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s directorial movie Aaranya Kandam (Jungle Chapter) has been already screened at the South Asian International Film Festival where it won the Grand Jury Award for Best Film. After much controversy and struggles, the film was released. The censor board even wanted clearance from actors, Kamalhassan and Rajinikanth for a joke involving both the superstars.

So what is Aaranya Kandam about, Experimental film? A Gangster flick? A Dark comedy? It’s all of the above. Well, Kumararaja can be called the Guy Ritchie of Tamil Cinema or the Tarantino of Tamil cinema. Aaranya Kandam is gangster flick that takes its own time to unfold supported by technical elements in the film. However, all of the movies elements are overpowered by performances, everyone in the frame has lived their roles. The movie stars Jackie Shroff as Singaperumal, Ravi Krishna as Sappai, Sampath Raj as Pasupathy, Yasmin Ponnappa as Subbu, Somasundaram as Kaalayan, Master Vasanth as Kodukapuli, Rambo Rajkumar as Gajendran. With so many characters you may wonder, who is the protagonist? Well, the question has no answers.

Performances carry the film be it Jackie Shroff as the venomous impotent Singam Perumal or the naïve Ravi Krishna or Kodukapuli’s father Somasundaram, all have done a commendable job. Especially Somasundaram is able to tickle ribs even at nail biting situations with his performance and dialogue delivery. Sampath as always fits in the role of an ambitious gangster effortlessly. Then there is Yasmin Ponnappa, the dumb-blonde like in the movie with her sheepish grin is also brilliant. It is almost a perfect cast and Thiagarajan Kumararaja has done well with dialogues, which are clever and has a sense of humor. As the plot unfolds it’s a cat and mouse story, where all that the characters are looking for are freedom, money, power and cocaine.


Rajini pudikuma? illa Kamal pudikuma? – SP Charan the producer has tweeted that Kamalhassan loves the movie. That is enough reason for movie buffs to go watch the film. Thiagarajan Kumararaja has taken the harder route of opting out of songs in a 2 hour movie. However, the background score is enjoyable, though the sounds are influenced by various world movies. Yuvan Shankar Raja produces a truly enjoyable score in the movie. The cinematography is good, with many unusual placements of camera angle and low-key lighting. If you are a Rajini fan then you will like the movie, if you are a Kamal fan you will love the movie.

Overall, Aaranya Kandam is whole new experience in Tamil cinema with a good plot and a twist in the movie. The movie is overpowered by performances from all characters and is supported by enjoyable music and cinematography.

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