Snapshot of Life!

Photography for me is something more than the scientific process of creating images.  It is more profound in the perception rather than the creation. Photography has largely been ridiculed to capturing scenic landscapes or framing a mighty skyscrapers, just the mere physical imagery of a location, however  photography transcends rightly framed colourful images. Photography is often not creating beautiful images but it’s a unique way to capture genuine reality.


Often photography transcends rightly framed colourful images


“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera that is the instrument.” – Eve Arnold


Photography is often not creating beautiful images but it’s a unique way to capture genuine reality.


That’s why I wander around street trying to capture moments. The thing about street photography is that it is quite unique, unpredictable and most of all cannot be recreated or staged. Everyday life is very exciting consisting of millions of wonderful moments. However these moments are forgone by our impatience to get on with life. Street Photography creates a suspended moment which intervenes and interrogates those moments.

Street photography is when photographer can have a conversation with a viewer, a different conversation each time, with the same image. When I carry my camera around through the streets trying to find the moment to capture, the mere process sharpens my mind makes me understand people and life in general. The street is intimate, vibrant and full of stories.  I get to laugh at the comical moment that only I have seen or empathize for someone on the street or feel the intimacy of a passionate couple on the subway, all only because I just paused every moment in my view finder.  I treasure each experience, a 2 hour blockbuster movie, years in production with eye smacking visuals cannot emulate the experience I get from wandering the streets with the camera around my neck.

Love every moment of it!


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