Vishwaroopam: The Good and the bad



The Good

  • Intriguing screenplay, keeps you on the edge of the seats. There are also many interesting questions which I hope will be answered in Viswaroopam 2.
  • As always, great casting and amazing performance by Kamalhassan. Rahul Bose and Pooja Kumar do justice to their roles.
  • A well-researched impartial take on extremism, its roots and life. The film also depicts the lives of extremists, sometimes you might also empathize with them.
  • Witty and well written dialogues.
  • Midas touch: There are scenes in the Vishwaroopam which screams Kamalhassan. The maker’s political and religious views come across boldly in the film.   (nothing malicious though)
  • Well-choreographed stunt sequences.  
  • The authenticity of various languages and cultures involved in the plot are detailed and well made. Informative, Kamal’s direction stands out.


The Bad

  • When most of the action sequence were jaw dropping, some of the CG sequences were absurd. As an end product, all the hard work is ruined.
  • The screenplay has a lot of loose ends though it paves way for sequel it does not quite give a closure for the first film.
  • The BGM of the Vishwaroopam could have been done better. I honestly don’t know how many more films will rip Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight Soundtrack. It may easily deceive a lay man, but not someone who listen to it every day. Disappointing from the trio.


Verdict: Must watch.  A Class act!


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