Vaanam – Sky is the Limit

If good movies are movies which elevate the audience, then Vaanam is a gem. It inspires, elevates and still entertains (an unusual combination)

Cloud nine movies’ Vaanam is fresh and engaging and what makes Vaanam stand out is the screenplay. One other major plus of Vaanam is it has a right balance between experimentation and commercial viability.


There have always been good movies which had a good message and were acclaimed critically but bombed at the box office. (Anbe Sivam is the best example). Vaanam has broken the boundaries. Babel, 21 grams may have been an inspiration for Vaanam but it is neatly packaged for the Indian audience, it holds good with a crisp story line, and engaging characters. 

As you watch this film you are absorbed and involved, sometimes deeply moved. You keep wondering, where the story leads but it all escalates to a touching tale of forgiveness and understanding. You get goose bumps in some of the later scenes in the movie.

Krish has proved that he is capable of delivering such meaningful and engaging movies, which can be catered to the length and breath of audiences.

Yes, some audiences were frustrated about the narrative, but this is just the beginning and they will get used to it. And the good news is Vaanam will make way for more such movies in the future. Kudos to the team of Vaanam for a meaningful movie. I think movies like Vaanam are healthy for the industry, as they entertain and still do not compromise on the script.


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