2011 – A Year of Musical starvation

You may already know what I mean, if you are feeling it. Or may be it’s early but eventually you will feel it soon. Yes, 2011 – 1 full year,12 months, 52 weeks,365 days, 8720 hours and 525 948.7 minutes without AR Rahman ‘s music.

We all know that AR Rahman’s has been through a lot in the past three years. He possibly won every music award on the planet. He requires a lot of rest, may be another lifetime to cherish each moment. As Rahman puts it, two Oscars are more than enough for a lifetime.

So, Rahman pressed the pause button and decided to take a year off. Which is very good for him and definitely has come at the right time. However, poor ARR fans are starving.

It’s like one of the lines from his songs, ” nimmishangal ovunrum varushangalaagum, nee ennai neengi chendralae  ”  ( a minute seems like a year when you are not with me). Over the year we have had many musical treats from Rahman every now and then, but 2011 is hard times for Rahman fans.

Just like me, I know every Rahman fan has a song attached to their feelings.

They have their own code book, so they can relate each song to their own emotions.

Peace- Vellai pookal
Patriotism – Kappal yeri poyachu
Happiness-  Endrendrum punnagai
Separation- Azhage sugama
First love- Athankara munbea va
Marriage- Mangalyam
Loneliness – Newyork nagaram
Motivation – Vetrikodi kattu
Sleep- Thendrale thendrale
The list is endless, every Rahman fan  starts and ends a day with a Rahman song.  It’s hard without it, however this period has given way for me to relish the older songs of Rahman.

Again a lyric from Rahman ‘s song, “poi ondru sol kanne en jeevan vaalum” (atleast lie so that I live) someone at least lie that a Rahman album is going to release so we could sustain this wait.

Some say that Rahman’s music grows onto you, it’s more than that it drowns you.

Enough is Enough, I can’t think of another year without Rahman’s music. So no more breaks Rahman, we are starving..Get up and treat us

And then came Rockstar 2011!


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